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Get up close to Newfoundland and Labrador's wildlife!

Wildlife exhibit


So Much to See!

Gros Morne Wildlife Museum houses over 100 full-size Newfoundland animals in very realistic scenes. We have brought the outdoors indoors, allowing you to view the animals up close and take time to view them in a safe setting.  You will be astounded by the authenticity of the displays – from the sights and sounds to the smell of the forest.  You will feel as if you have stepped into a piece of Newfoundland wilderness with dozens of rare and common Newfoundland animals only a few feet away.  

Get a close-up view of full-size animals including:

- Moose                 - Polar Bear
- Caribou               - Puffins 

- Black Bears        - Foxes
- Lynx                      - Coyote
- Seabirds              - Beavers
- Fish                      - Martens 

 Our scenes cover all of Newfoundland’s major habitats, from the mountaintops to the ocean floor and everything in between – including freshwater, forest, bog and beach in different seasons.   Explore the animals that call Newfoundland “home”.  This attraction is a "must see"! 

Take your Time Going Through

The exhibit is the culmination of years of hard work and attention to detail. You won't see everything at first glance. As you go through the exhibit, each scene has a legend listing the animals that can be found. Can you spot them all?

We have also developed a scavenger hunt-style challenge for adults and children alike. It will help you look sharply at the scenes and you will see things that you never would have noticed otherwise. It also gives you the chance to win a really cool prize - a $500 gift certificate for our gift shop (we mail prizes)!

What our Visitors are Saying:

"A wonderful tribute to Newfoundland and Labrador animals! Absolutely amazing!"

- W & F Myles, Burin Bay Arm, NL

"Awesome! Best display I've ever seen!"

- B. Jackson, Benito, Manitoba

"This place is absolutely amazing. The work put into this place is unbelievable and the wildlife was beautiful. Can't wait to visit again next year!"

- Kayla Gallant, Corner Brook, NL