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Get up close to Newfoundland and Labrador's wildlife!

Gift Shop

Seal Products


Our seal products come from the renewable and sustainable Newfoundland harvest. 

We carry seal fur boots, mitts, coats, slippers, accessories and more from NaturaL boutique, Newfoundland's most popular seal products boutique.

Antler Carvings


Our moose and caribou antler carvings are breathtaking. Incredibly skilled artisans work their magic and bring the antlers to life with their detailed scenes.

Wildlife Museum Merchandise


Did you enjoy the exhibit and want something to help you remember it? Our selection of t-shirts, outerwear and accessories are the perfect choice!

Antler - Decor and Accessories


We have many beautiful items made of antler, from chandeliers to jewellery. They make great gifts for ourselves or others.



We have a large assortment of unique Newfoundland, Labrador and Gros Morne souvenirs. They are also the perfect gift

for family and friends who weren't 

lucky enough to make the trip.



We have very unique, and often wildlife/Newfoundland themed giftware. They make beautiful mementos of your visit to Gros Morne and your friends and family will be sure to love them.